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Coronary heart disease



High blood pressure

Alzheimers disease



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Walking has lots of benefits and is one of the easiest types of exercise people can do, however the best way to gain the health benefits from your walking is to walk briskly.

Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day can help reduce the risk of

Bowel Cancer





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Ribble at Ribchester
We have found that people attend the health walks for a variety of reasons:

*A few are already fit and come to improve their fitness.

* Some are unfit and want to get fitter.

* Some people come because they have been advised by their GP or practice nurse.


* Others want a break from caring for a relative or difficult home circumstances

* Some are recovering from physical or mental illness

* Some are lonely and want to make friends

Whatever people's reasons for joining us we try to offer a warm welcome and a supporting environment.


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Current Programme

Brisk is at a pace that makes you breathe a little faster, makes your heart beat a

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Which Walk?
We want you to enjoy walking and make it a part of your daily life.
little faster and makes you feel warmer. Brisk is different for everyone. Some people need to start slowly and build up but over time they will be able to increase their distance or speed as they get fitter.
Walk your way to health